Now that Instagram Threads launched as a direct competitor to Twitter on July 5, 2023, small businesses across the United States are asking: should I move from Twitter to Instagram Threads?

It’s a fair question, but unfortunately there isn’t a clear-cut answer. We’ll discuss some of the pros and cons below, along with some things to think about as you consider the move. It’s important to note too that it’s a question you would have grappled with eventually. Regardless of the name or platform, there will inevitably be some new social media app down the road, and probably several. If social media marketing is part of your business mix, then deciding what to do when social media changes is a vital question for your business.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Instagram Threads for Social Media Marketing

Of course, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t rely solely on social media for your marketing. These reasons hold true for Threads. But take a page from that playbook, and we see that maybe the answer is not to move from one to the other completely. At least not yet. We’d recommend having accounts on both social media platforms (along with the others you’re already on). Then, let your customers tell you where they want to connect with you.

The pros of moving to Instagram Threads:

  • All you need is your Instagram account to start using Threads
  • The app should gain popularity very quickly (though, of course, there are no guarantees)
  • Twitter is increasingly becoming unreliable for many small business users with moves such as limiting the number of tweets you can read, so people are ready for a new platform that is not so fickle.

The cons of moving to Instagram Threads:

  • Threads is a new and untested platform – you can’t be sure your customers will follow you there
  • It is a Meta app, which means if you already have Facebook and Instagram, you’ll get tied even more to their orbit – which also comes with its own unreliable tendencies
  • Depending on your feelings towards social media, it could feel like more work updating yet another social media channel

The Bottom Line:

Unless the thought of adding another social media account to your workload really makes your stomach churn, our recommendation would be to at least try Instagram Threads. You can test it out by doing things such as:

  • Let your customers know you’re on Threads and show them where to follow you using your other social media accounts, your website, signage in your store, etc. (Note: there is reason to believe Twitter may block these posts.) Compare numbers over time to see where your customers are following you most.
  • Put out special deals or discounts exclusively for your Threads followers to see what impact it is having
  • Measure comments, retweets (or the Threads’ equivalent), and other engagement on Threads vs. your other social media platforms.
  • The original Twitter co-creator is soon launching yet another Twitter-like app called Bluesky, which you can keep your eye open for if the thought of another Meta app doesn’t appeal to you.

It costs no money and a little bit of time to try Instagram Threads, so there is little reason not to. To make things easier, you can cut and paste your Twitter posts into your Threads posts (though notably Threads will offer more characters to use). See which one you like best and/or which one works best for you, then decide later which – if any – social media platforms to cut.

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