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Helping You Build Successful Marketing + Promotion Campaigns

If you’re new to business or fundraising, you may not have a solid background in marketing and promotions. That’s especially true if you’re volunteering for a school team or helping raise funds for a community organization. But a solid marketing and promotions plan can help you reach your goals faster and even exceed them.

Elite Marketing + Promotions is designed to help people who may not have marketing and promotions backgrounds reach their marketing goals. We help make standing out from the crowd easy for you!

At Elite Marketing + Promotions, we don’t consider ourselves a “marketing agency” – that’s a little too stuffy.  Instead, we provide niche services that are customized to meet your needs. We help a whole range of clients including:

  • Small businesses who know their business well, but need help marketing it
  • Volunteers tasked with creating fundraising campaigns, but don’t know where to start
  • Students and student advisors raising team or school spirit, but don’t know what will work best
  • Marketing pros who want to create an ad specialty campaign, but need some guidance

Based just outside Philadelphia but serving clients across the country, Elite Marketing + Promotions is a new twist on an established marketplace. We’re like a marketing concierge service, here to help you from planning to ad specialty design and purchasing to execution.

Find out more about our business consulation services and marketing consultation, or contact us using the form below. Elite Marketing + Promotions can get your next campaign moving in the right direction!

Marketing + Promotions Solutions

Elite Marketing + Promotions is the “Un-Marketing Company” because we do things a little differently. We’re a small business like you, so we understand your needs. Plus, we are able to tailor our services to your needs including marketing consulting, marketing services such as graphic design + copywriting, web design + management, social media marketing, and more. We also offer business consulting services for new or growing businesses, and promotions help including branded apparel, custom vinyl graphics, and promotional items.

Contact Us to find out how we can help your small business or non-profit organization.

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