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  • Elite Marketing + Promotions' medical marketing services let you focus on your patients while we focus on your marketing.

Specialized Medical Marketing Services for GPs, Specialists, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners, Independent Practices, Group Practices, Health Teams, Clinics, Chiropractors, and More

Add Elite to the Equation for a Simpler Medical Marketing Services

Elite Marketing + Promotions can manage your medical social media including Twitter, blogs, and Facebook.

Do you really have time to see patients AND manage your social media accounts?

The math is easy: the more patients you have, the higher your monthly billings. But there’s something missing from that equation.  You know that you can attract more patients through a good marketing campaign including online strategies. But who has the time to manage all of that?

The answer is easy, too: the medical marketing services team at Elite Marketing + Promotions.

Elite Marketing + Promotions Solves for X

A strong marketing strategy should be part of any growing healthcare office. But that can be difficult while you’re maintaining a thriving, patient-centered practice at the same time. Elite’s specialized medical marketing team provides a customized set of services tailored to your needs.

We can take care of many different marketing roles for you including:

Elite will focus on marketing your practice while you focus on what you do best – taking care of your patients. You get all the benefits of a successful medical marketing campaign with no work and no stress!

Video, Social Media, SEO, and Blog Marketing Ideas – Finding Your Patients Online

Elite Marketing + Promotions offers a number of marketing services including video production.Elite Marketing + Promotions can help you connect with your new patients online where they are right now. We can create and manage social media marketing campaigns, a video series, search engine optimization (SEO) of your website, blog marketing, and more. We’ll customize a blend of new and traditional marketing approaches for you that will:

  • Help you market your practice and services
  • Find new ways of connecting with your current patients
  • Provide you with a “digital persona” through your website, social media sites like Facebook pages, and blogs, etc. with a professional approach that conveys expertise and trust
  • Position you as a thought leader in your field, building and expanding on your credibility – especially important for specialists!

Contact Elite Marketing + Promotions’ Professional Medical Marketing Team to Get Us Working for You!

Contact Elite Marketing + Promotions right now at 800-977-8973 to find out how we can help boost your marketing efforts and attract more patients. Adding Elite to the equation will provide you with the medical marketing services you need while you focus on your practice. Spend just 15 minutes of your time with us during a free phone consult. We’ll show you how our creative medical marketing team can tailor a marketing solution to your needs.

Have other medical marketing goals in mind rather than attracting more patients? Give us a call – we will find a way to reach your goals.

Elite Marketing + Promotions is part of the Elite Office Solutions group of companies. Since 1986, we have provided medical offices like yours with a variety of office services including marketing, transcription, and virtual assistant services.

Now, through Elite Marketing + Promotions, we are able to take those marketing skills to a new level with our dedicated team of medical marketing specialists. We know the industry and we know marketing. That adds up to a winning combination for you.

Contact us to find out how Elite’s medical marketing services can help you and your practice.

Marketing + Promotions Solutions

Elite Marketing + Promotions is the “Un-Marketing Company” because we do things a little differently. We’re a small business like you, so we understand your needs. Plus, we are able to tailor our services to your needs including marketing consulting, marketing services such as graphic design + copywriting, web design + management, social media marketing, and more. We also offer business consulting services for new or growing businesses, and promotions help including branded apparel, custom vinyl graphics, and promotional items.

Contact Us to find out how we can help your small business or non-profit organization.

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