Sports Teams, School Cheer, Dance, and Spirit Squads

Take Your Fans to the Next Level with Gear, Apparel, and Merchandise!

Nothing shows support of your favorite sports team like apparel and specialty items featuring your logo. Your fans want to show their support, and they are willing to pay good money for it. Why not let them in? Not only will support for your team grow, you can make some money to help fund your team’s expenses as well.

Elite Marketing + Promotions can give you many ideas of what might work for your fans from hats and shirts to logo water bottles and novelty items. We can also help you with signage and other aspects of your marketing efforts, giving your team a professional look. We help:

  • School sports teams
  • School cheer and spirit squads
  • Community teams (including Little League baseball, etc.)
  • Professional and semi-professional sports teams
  • Competitive groups (including traveling cheerleading squads, dance teams, etc.)

Need Advice? We’ve Got It

Not all students, student advisors, coaches, team managers, or any of the other important members of the squad knows how to market or merchandise their team. That’s the real difference with Elite Marketing + Promotions. We’ll help you decide what items to choose, how to sell them, and even recommend how many of each to order. Our consultation services will help you run a more successful merchandising and team boosting campaign. We’ll also help you reduce your financial risk by advising you on timelines, quantities, and other details so you’re less likely to make costly mistakes with overages, rush orders, and unnecessary reprints.

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Spirit/Cheer/Sports Team Consultation

Most students or even student advisors don’t have marketing backgrounds. Yet they are asked to launch successful merchandising campaigns to promote their school or school team. That’s where we can help.

Elite Marketing + Promotions will help you decide what to sell, what to order, and how to increase sales – as well as team spirit!

Elite Marketing + Promotions

Marketing and Promotions Consulting

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