Support a Dream T-Shirts

Generate Income for your Small Business and Foster a Sense of Community Pride with your Branded T-Shirt!

Small businesses are struggling due to the shutdown. We have seen all over the country how customers are going out of their way trying to support their favorite local businesses. Our shops, our restaurants, our services – they are what make up our community. We believe that’s something worth saving.

Elite Marketing + Promotions has designed a way to help small businesses generate much needed revenue and help them get through these tough times.

Using the same methods we do for non-profit fundraisers, we built a virtual storefront to sell branded “Support a Dream” T-shirts with a unifying message on the front and your business name along the back.

Visit the online store at:

All you have to do is:

1. Contact us to add your business to our virtual store (call Donna at 215-491-0400 or email

2. Share the online store link with your customers, on your website, social media, and elsewhere

3. Cash a check from us

For every “Support a Dream” T-shirt sold, you receive $10 – a completely new and passive revenue stream for you.

Best of all, we take care of all the details from order processing to shipping your orders. Plus, your customers can take pride knowing they supported your business.

Why is Elite Marketing + Promotions helping “Support a Dream?” We are a small business, just like you, and we understand the challenges small businesses are facing.

It’s simple: the “Support a Dream” message + your customer base = a new way to generate revenue.

Contact us to sign up and get started today.

How to Contact Us.

Call Donna at 215-491-0400 or email

Download a Support a Dream Flyer